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The Accidentals

Perhaps I am biased to the name of this band, or the fact that one of the girls is often wielding a fiddle (which we all know is the fastest way to my heart), but The Accidentals is a duo certainly worth checking out at SXSW this year. I mean, the tagline on their site reads, “Two girls, three years, two albums, two movies scored, thirteen instruments, fifty original songs, seven hundred live shows, thousands of fans…just graduated high school!” I kind of want to meet them to find out how to garner some of that kind of talent and energy for myself! They remind me of Mountain Man, but a little less etherial.





Hey there! My name is Sav Buist and I’m actually one of the girls in this band (in fact, I’m the girl playing the violin)…my dad said he found this article that you wrote featuring us, and I just wanted to pop in and thank you for the shoutout. I’d love to meet ya, too! Shoot us an email any time at, thanks again 🙂


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