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Oh Ophelia

I have spend a significant amount of my music thoughts worried about The Lumineers. From the moment I saw them at their very first SXSW concert all those years ago, I know that I loved them. I fell hard and so did everyone else. They blew up that week and that was only the beginning. A few months after that tiny courtyard show, I saw them open up for Dave Mathews at a giant arena in Brooklyn. Not long after that they were headlining their own show. And while I get that it’s a thing now to headline a show and go all international with only one album, I started to worry. Was it all too much too fast? I heard gossip of disenchantment with the road life and they were on the road for oh so long. Their contemporaries took a step back, wrote more music, came out with more albums.

Then one day they were finished. The Lumineers went home.

And I worried.

Was that it? Had it all been too much? Was I going to have to hold on dear to that album and remember that time and that band from long ago?

Then one day there was a song. A sweet little song on Spotify’s Discover Weekly playlist. Oh Ophelia, he sang, You’ve been on my mind girl like a drug. Oh Ophelia, heaven help the fool who falls in love. 

I listened to it on repeat worried that I was falling hard for this song simply because it was theirs. But I was falling for it because it is everything that made me fall in love with them the first time around. And oh, heaven help we fools who fall in love!

I am so excited for the rest of the album. May it be an entire album for dancing in the rain.



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