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Parov Stelar

Hearing this song was a game changer for me, folks. I can’t figure out what I love more; the old fashioned sounding vocals, the blasting of horns, syncopated percussion, modern and old swing fusion, or ALL OF IT TOGETHER?? I’m obsessed. I also love that this youtuber put this song to Fred and Ginger. It’s all the awesome in the world. Except it gets better.

This song comes from Parov Stelar, who had never crossed my radar until this song came up on a playlist, so I did a little googling to find out more. Not all of his works have this swing quality. He reminds me of what Avicii is up to these days with his blend of electronic and other genres. Some are much more electronic than others, but I totally dig it, especially the jazzy ones.


Vance Joy Isn’t Just For Hipsters Anymore

I mean, not to hipster brag or anything, but I have totes been strumming Vance Joy’s “Riptide” on my guitar since last November. I’d like to continue with the hipster brag and say it’s because I’m just that cool and up on who is the new and about to invade all your earbuds. Except it was my way cooler friend who had learned this song and because it was catchy as all get out, I learned it too. And I never even bothered to look up this Vance Joy character because I was content to endlessly strum this song and sang out the lyrics to my dog. Until one day, I heard him on the radio and thought, wait, I should actually look into this fella. 

He’s a total weirdo (see video below), but I totally love more than just this catchy as all get out song. His album dropped yesterday and is full of great tunes. I expect exciting things for him. You should listen to it and love it and learn Riptide on the guitar and then we can harmonize together because my dog is totally getting sick of listening to just me.