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If Calvin (of Calvin and Hobbes) grew up and started a band, it would be Givers, and he would be the lead guitar and vocalist, Taylor Guarisco. Bouncing around the stage with carefree enthusiasm (and perhaps on a sugar high from chocolate frosted sugar bombs), this feel-good group is as delighted to play as the audience is to throw their arms in the air and dance along with them.

The Quintet enveloped Antones last night with high spirited, sunshine music. They have influences of Vampire Weekend with rich bayou undertones. Tiffany “Teddy” Lamson is a force to be reckoned with as she rocks on ukulele, pounds away on drums, and shakes a mean tambourine, while Nick Stephan casually plays keys only to suddenly break out in beautiful riffs on flute and sax.

Even their darker rock encore that had Lamson channeling the wailings of Janis Joplin sounded great from this group and only served to prove that their talent runs deep and will carry them a long way.

concert haiku:

on trampoline stage
bouncing enthusiasm
playing sunshine sounds