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Oh Ophelia

I have spend a significant amount of my music thoughts worried about The Lumineers. From the moment I saw them at their very first SXSW concert all those years ago, I know that I loved them. I fell hard and so did everyone else. They blew up that week and that was only the beginning. A few months after that tiny courtyard show, I saw them open up for Dave Mathews at a giant arena in Brooklyn. Not long after that they were headlining their own show. And while I get that it’s a thing now to headline a show and go all international with only one album, I started to worry. Was it all too much too fast? I heard gossip of disenchantment with the road life and they were on the road for oh so long. Their contemporaries took a step back, wrote more music, came out with more albums.

Then one day they were finished. The Lumineers went home.

And I worried.

Was that it? Had it all been too much? Was I going to have to hold on dear to that album and remember that time and that band from long ago?

Then one day there was a song. A sweet little song on Spotify’s Discover Weekly playlist. Oh Ophelia, he sang, You’ve been on my mind girl like a drug. Oh Ophelia, heaven help the fool who falls in love. 

I listened to it on repeat worried that I was falling hard for this song simply because it was theirs. But I was falling for it because it is everything that made me fall in love with them the first time around. And oh, heaven help we fools who fall in love!

I am so excited for the rest of the album. May it be an entire album for dancing in the rain.


Marlon Williams

I love music videos because most of the time they are one giant mind fuck and I am of the belief that the occasional mind fuck is good for the soul. It keeps us on our toes. Like this video from Marlon Williams for “Hello Miss Lonesome.” What?  I don’t even have a guess.

But the song is super catchy. I love the bluegrassy quality and his versatile voice. His debut album, Dead Oceans is set to release in February.

Wes Anderson Soundtracks My Life

Yeah, I made soundtrack a verb. I’d say that I’d love Wes Anderson to soundtrack my life, but I already imagine my life to be as quirky and beautifully filtered and artistically composed as his films, so I can just superimpose those soundtracks into my ears and I am all set! Fortunately, someone has already taken the time to create a playlist of all the music used in his films. It is divine. Wes reminds us that our lives are a balance of Classic Rock angst, boys choir melancholy, classical music whimsy. I recommend playing it on shuffle, putting on a crisply ironed vintage outfit, flat ironing your hair and setting off on an adventure. But never smile. It will be amazing!

Now all someone needs to do is make this playlist into a vinyl collection and we are GOLDEN!

Zella Day

Seriously, I think Zella Day is the artist I am most excited to see at SXSW this year. I Freaking love her. I listen to her a little bit obsessively and I’ve learned her songs on the ukulele and I sing them really loud in my apartment to my dog. Sorry neighbors (but not really). I know I have posted about her before, but in the wake of SXSW, she is due another post. ALL THE POSTS!

The Accidentals

Perhaps I am biased to the name of this band, or the fact that one of the girls is often wielding a fiddle (which we all know is the fastest way to my heart), but The Accidentals is a duo certainly worth checking out at SXSW this year. I mean, the tagline on their site reads, “Two girls, three years, two albums, two movies scored, thirteen instruments, fifty original songs, seven hundred live shows, thousands of fans…just graduated high school!” I kind of want to meet them to find out how to garner some of that kind of talent and energy for myself! They remind me of Mountain Man, but a little less etherial.