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Misterwives: Our Own House

This past month or so has been soundtracked overwhelmingly by Misterwives new album, Our Own House and it is completely and totally obsession worthy.

It is a well rounded album that ebbs and flows through a kaleidoscope of dance tunes and ballads, all connected with a steady heartbeat percussion and Mandy Lee’s powerhouse voice that dances seamlessly through the melodies and harmonies. It is an outstanding debut album that will give them solid footing to root themselves in this industry and in your ears.

It’s hard to overshadow the great dance builds and beats in this album. I’ve always been partial to a great dance tune that begs me to roll down my window and drive while dancing and singing along at the top of my lungs. Misterwives does it so wonderfully. Except they also take their songs to an even richer level with the lacing of poetic lyrics throughout. It’s an album about love and independence and identity. Mandy makes her strength clear from the very first song, singing, “We built our own house, own house/ With our hands over our hearts/ And we swore on that day/ That it will never fall apart” Nor do they fall apart. It is followed up by Not Your Way which is so I am woman hear me roar. I want sing it to every man who has ever tried to keep my vagina and me down. “Are we making ourselves clear?/ We’re all the same under here/ This is my disposition/ Apologies for breaking your traditions/ It takes two to tango/ And we’re saying…(two, three!)/ It’s not your way, not your way/ Not going to obey, to obey/ This is my party, party/ And you don’t have a say, have a say” or in Hurricane when she sing, “We are not your property/ See with our own clarity/ Ears closed, eyes open,/ Voice won’t be broken/ Won’t dance within your walls” Boom! Sing it, girl!

But Misterwives aren’t naive either. Being strong isn’t without love and vulnerability. “So let’s run with reckless emotion/ Let’s find out if love is the size of the ocean and a/ Hundred ought to be too few word/ To carry all my love for you” she sings. In Reflections, the first single off the album, she reminds us what it’s like to pick up the pieces of a shattered relationship. It’s hard. We’ve all be there.

The final song, Queen is perhaps my favorite song off the album. It’s a quieter piece but bookends the power and message of their opening. In it, Mandy gives a powerful, personal reflection on her life and struggles and the homes that the queens in her life built with and around her. “But we all lift each other up/ Learn to shake the demons off/ Conquer all this world throws at us/ Cause love is strong enough

This album is strong enough and I can’t wait to watch the career this group builds together.

Wes Anderson Soundtracks My Life

Yeah, I made soundtrack a verb. I’d say that I’d love Wes Anderson to soundtrack my life, but I already imagine my life to be as quirky and beautifully filtered and artistically composed as his films, so I can just superimpose those soundtracks into my ears and I am all set! Fortunately, someone has already taken the time to create a playlist of all the music used in his films. It is divine. Wes reminds us that our lives are a balance of Classic Rock angst, boys choir melancholy, classical music whimsy. I recommend playing it on shuffle, putting on a crisply ironed vintage outfit, flat ironing your hair and setting off on an adventure. But never smile. It will be amazing!

Now all someone needs to do is make this playlist into a vinyl collection and we are GOLDEN!